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Here at Broward Trust, we are celebrating the life of former President of Broward Trust for Historic Preservation
Diane Greer Smart. 

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The Resiliency and Safe Structures Act

Florida's Abandoned and Historic Cemeteries Given New Life!

Our historic coastal communities are safe… for now. Strategic planning is crucial to defeating this legislation at next year’s session successfully.This year’s battle to protect Florida’s historic commercial and coastal areas is over! Floridians across the state were concerned about the ramifications of the bill on Florida’s and the nation’s most historic coastal communities. The National Trust for Historic Preservation explained the threat of the legislation: “If passed as written, these bills could lead to the demolition of historic structures and construction of oversized and inappropriate replacement buildings in Florida’s coastal historic districts, including treasured areas of Key West, Miami Beach, West Palm Beach, St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, and Pensacola.”

Although SB 1346 was read for a third and final time, its companion bill, HB 1317, never received its second reading. The House sponsor, Representative Roach, admitted that the bill is dead for this session but vowed to bring it back next year

House Bill 49: Abandoned and Historic Cemeteries is enrolled! An enrolled bill is a bill that passed both the Senate and House in identical form and is then converted into an act for presentation to the governor. The companion bill, SB 430, was laid on the table and the house bill now awaits approval by the governor. This bill will give dignity and closure to Floridians throughout the state. We are so thrilled that such an important piece of legislation was passed.

“This is about humanity, this is about how we give respect to the people who paved the way for us in this great state, this is not a partisan issue, it is a humanitarian issue. I am excited to bring honor and dignity back to these cemeteries”


– Minority Leader and Bill Sponsor Representative Fentrice Driskell


The FY2024 Historic Preservation Special Category Grant List budget provides full funding.

The General Appropriations Act fully funds the FY2024 Historic Preservation Special Category Grants! Both the Senate and House proposed budgets provide full funding to the Florida Division of Historic Resources Historic Preservation Grant Program. The final step is for the governor to approve the finalized proposed budget. 

We are thrilled that the legislature fully funded the grants for a second year and we hope this trend continues. These grants will preserve significant historic and archaeological resources, assist major archaeological excavations or research projects, and assist in the development and fabrication of major museum exhibits that will promote knowledge and appreciation of the history of Florida. Thank you to all of those who helped advocate funding these important grants! 

Check out our FY2024 Historic Preservation Special Category Grant booklet and explore the 33 statewide projects that will receive funding.

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We at the Trust are proud and honored to announce that Michael Gehron and Reed Tolber are both 2022 honored recipients at Broward County’s annual Pioneer Day.

Congratulations to you, Michael, for being honored for your family’s contribution to the city of Fort Lauderdale and for being a true descendant and Broward County Pioneer. Michael, your family is a true Broward County Pioneering family on both sides. I am grateful we met and so pleased the County chose you as this year’s honoree.

And congratulations to you, Reed, on winning the Stuart P. McIver Historian Award. You truly deserve this honor. I am confident they couldn’t have made any better choice.

Reed, this is a prime example of your hard work and determination regarding your historic firehouse #2. Please keep reaching for more, including our work towards the mini historical district your corner deserves.

For the Trust, this is another special moment that conveys the reflection and continued positive growth that our Trust is moving in due to volunteer efforts each of you brings to Broward Trust for Historic Preservation.

Michaela M Conca

In 2022 Broward Trust for Historic Preservation prevailed with the historic designation of Fort Lauderdale's New River Castle.
(AKA Tiny Castle)