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Broward Pioneers

Each month on this website, the Broward Trust for Historic Preservation honors a recipient of the 2023 Broward County Pioneer Award.

February honors Pioneer Award Winner
David Nuby

One of South Florida’s own legends from Dania Beach, Fla.,Mr. David Nuby was born in 1936. Mr. Nuby’s father and family owned 5 acres of land in Dania and sharecropped the tomato fields with his family.

As a jazz drummer his career spans from “Jamming” at the Sir John Lounge in the 50’s until he joined the Charlie Austin Band where they were the first Black Jazz group to play on Fort Lauderdale Beach at the Boca Key Hotel. Under the direction of Charlie Austin, Dave Nuby is well remembered as the house drummer at the famed Hampton House in Miami. Nuby has played and enjoyed touring with some of the greatest jazz musicians in the world.

He opened and started a company Nu-Black Septic Co., Mr. Nuby keeping up with his musical talents opened up a recording studio next to his office in Dania. Mr. Nuby’s septic tank company proudly laid most of Broward County drains when and where there wasn’t any sewers. The company has been in operation over 40 years.

Nominated by City of Dania Beach /
Dania Beach Historical Society & Museum, Inc

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