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"Preserving the past is not just about safeguarding buildings; it's about honoring the stories, traditions and collective memories that shape our identity.

“Dafni Kirkpatrick Florida Trust for Historic Preservation”

Every year Broward Trust for Historic Preservation highlights a new pioneer award recipient each month.

September 2023 recipient
Jane Vreeland

JANE VREELAND was born in Broward County in 1949, and graduated from the first graduating class of Nova University in 1974. Her great grandfather was the first keeper of the House of Refuge in what is today Bahia Mar. Jane is the daughter to Harold “Pee Wee” Vreeland, a Fort Lauderdale native and longtime charter fishing captain.

Vreeland ran one of the original nine charter fishing boats known as the Kingfisher Fleet – at the Bahia Mar Resort and Yachting Center in Fort Lauderdale. Harold is the  son of a charter fishing captain who took out his first fishing charter in 1913,  Vreeland grew up in the business and was widely respected for his skill, and his family continues their sea fairing tradition.

Nominated by History Fort Lauderdale

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