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"Preserving the past is not just about safeguarding buildings; it's about honoring the stories, traditions and collective memories that shape our identity, "Dafni Kirkpatrick"


Carolyn Marks

Born in Herkamer, New York Carolyn Marks has lived in Broward County for 37 years.  In 1966 Holmberg Road was the only way in and out of Parkland and the Police and Fire Departments were one. My parents would visit often, and when my father got a brand new car they would check to make sure that we were safe.”

Carolyn is a life member of ORT and of Hadassah; a member of the Parkland Woman’s Club, Parkland Homeowners Association and a former chair of the Parkland Education Resource Commission.

“Carolyn is all about the welfare of her community. She is relentless! She is a kind and considerate lady of Parkland who has given of herself yesterday, today and tomorrow!”

 Lucia Goodhart
Nominated by Parkland Historical Society

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