board of directors

pamela barton

Pamela Barton has been an  integral part of the Broward Trust for Historic Preservation for seven years.  Pamela graduated from FSU in 1981, majoring in Child Development.

In 2018, Pamela organized the initial stages for the creation of a database that will encompass all historical organizations in Broward County. Moreover, she was an indispensable supporter and volunteer for the Holiday Home Tour.

Her interest in history, sustainably, and local planning is part of her continued desire to remain active with the Trust. We thank Pam for her continued support, and due to her volunteer efforts, the Trust remains active. 

terry bean

Returning Director Terry Bean brings her marketing skills and love of historic preservation to the Trust. She strives to educate Broward County and beyond on the importance of historic preservation. Terry divides her time between Queens, New York, and South Florida. As a remote board member, Terry will work tirelessly to support the Trust’s mission.

Terry is currently working on updating the Trusts brochure. In addition, Terry has committed her marketing skills and strategies, to increasing brand awareness for the Trust’s mission.

Michael j.gehron

Michael J. Gehron is a third-generation Fort Lauderdale native. Michael graduated from NOVA High School in 1974. After which he attended Broward Junior College, where he received his A.A. degree. In 1980, he attended Florida State University, where he earned his B.S. in Chemistry. Michael then endeavored to earn his Ph.D. in chemistry. He achieved his goal when he graduated from the University of Florida, in 1987.Even though Michael attended two of the most distinguished colleges in Florida, he strongly identifies as a Florida State Seminole.

Dr. Gehron is now a retired aerospace engineer and consultant. His expertise is in chemistry, chemical safety, chemical processes, and forensics. After retirement, Michael taught at Indian River State College located in Stuart Florida. He directed a pain management and drug abuse testing laboratory as a licensed medical technologist supervisor. We welcome and thank Michael Gehron for joining the Broward Trust for Historic Preservation.
To learn more about this three generation family <clickhere>

susan gillis

Returning Director Susan Gillis is an expert in all things history. She graduated from William and Mary’s College with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree, and received her Master’s of Arts degree in anthropology from the University of Denver. Susan specializes in using documentaries as a means to explore history. At WLRN, Susan facilitated two documentaries. The first is about prohibition. The second is about a World War II radar station—located at Boca Raton Army Airfield. A third one was for the Florida TV channel, Florida Crossroads. A documentary about the Yamato Colony, a pioneering community of Japanese settlers who came to the Boca Raton area in the summer of 1905. 

Susan is an author, speaker, and former historian with twenty years of experience educating the community and supporting Fort Lauderdale. Susan has been the curator for the Boca Raton Historical Society for the last twenty
years and is instrumental in the latest renovations to Boca Raton’s historic Town Hall.  Susan has been a consultant to almost every historical society and museum in the county for twenty-six years.

Susan continues to research Oakland Park’s history and is the official historian for the city of Oakland Park. Additionally, she recently secured a book contract. The Trust looks forward to the expertise she brings to the table.

Sara Ayers-Rigsby

Sara Ayers-Rigsby specializes in cultural resources management and historic preservation. As the Director for the Florida Public Archaeology Networks. Southeast/Southwest Regions, Sara is responsible for designing educational outreach and programming for our State’s nine southernmost counties that consists of half population of Florida.

Prior to beginning her role as Southeast/Southwest Regional Director for the Florida Public Archaeology Network, she spent 10 years working as an archaeologist throughout the United States, with a regional focus on the southeast and Mid Atlantic.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Classical Archaeology from Trinity College, Dublin, and her Master’s degree in Archeology from the University of Bristol, U.K. Sara is certified as a member of the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA). Her research interests include public outreach and archaeology, resiliency, archaeological compliance legislation, and industrial archaeology in Florida. She loves visiting state parks, historical sites, and house museums in south Florida and is always thrilled to talk with others about them.

clive taylor

Clive Taylor is an existing Director and Trust Board member. As a small business owner for 35 years, he is active in the city of Hollywood Beach with all things Historic. He holds the seat as President of the Hollywood Historical Society and is a staunch believer in preserving Hollywood’s historically significant resources.

His number one focus is the Hollywood Beach Hotel, built-in 1926. Clive helped bring the story of this premier historic landmark to light with a recent documentary, The Grand Lady. The film is about the past, present, and future of the Hollywood Beach Hotel. Clive and his board are working diligently to save this grand old hotel.

With numerous awards and recognitions and a record of community involvement, we are pleased Clive has chosen to remain active with the Trust as we collaborate in all things historical for his city and our County.

reed tolber

Reed Tolber, a Trial lawyer in Broward County since 1980, is a graduate of the University of Florida.  In 1986 Reed endeavored to save a historically significant landmark, firehouse #2, which he undoubtedly prevented its demolition.

Through his approach to adaptive reuse by restoring, and renovating, the firehouse, he repurposed the historic structure for his extraordinary new law office. 

As he winds down his practice, Reed now focuses on his expertise as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator. 

When Reed reached out to the Trust, he had been searching for a way to keep the significance of his firehouse relevant. He soon realized that the care and maintenance of one-hundred-year-old historic buildings require financial creativity. He embraced this challenge and became an expert in the care and maintenance of his historic firehouse.

Looking for a way to bring the historical significance of his firehouse into the forefront of the community, he determined that the creation of a Mini-Historic District in Fort Lauderdale would be beneficial for the City of Fort Lauderdale’s historic efforts.

His vision to create this historic district, along with his support of the Trust in its continued efforts in preserving and restoring our historic resources, make Reed an invaluable member of the Trust.