Protecting Broward County's
historical assets for future generations.

Broward Trust for
Historic Preservation

What is Historic Preservation?

Historic preservation is a multifaceted process that entails several steps. The first step is to identify places, sites, and resources that have managed to survive the test of time and provide invaluable insights into our shared past.

From there, experts evaluate the importance and significance of these resources to determine their relevance to society when viewed through the prism of modernity and contemporary needs. This evaluation is critical to ensure that we fully appreciate the value these places, sites and resources have to offer and how our actions can impact their continued existence.

Once identified and evaluated, these locations are maintained, cared for, and even restored where necessary to ensure they are preserved for future generations. The preservation of historic sites, for instance, encourages societal understanding of our cultural heritage, fosters civic engagement, and helps in shaping community identity.

Such structures also generate revenue through tourism and other economic activities, making them more sustainable. Overall, historic preservation is an essential process that safeguards our heritage, unearths diverse cultural perspectives, and helps us appreciate the value of our shared history.

Successful preservations

Hollywood florida's
Joseph Wesley Young Mansion
Built in 1925
Hollywood Florida's
Hammerstein House
Built in 1930
Pompano Beach's
Sample-McDougald House
Built in 1916
Dania Beach's
Nyberg-Swanson House
Built in 1912
Dania Beach's
Martin C. Frost House
Built in 1923
Fort Lauderdale's
Bonnet House
Built in 1920
Fort Lauderdale's
Jova House now the
Casablanca Cafe
Built in 1927
Fort Lauderdale's
Strananahan House
Built in 1906

Join us

Some key incentives for joining the Trust:

  • Making a positive impact:
    By joining the Broward Trust for Historic Preservation, you will become a part of a community that is dedicated to preserving the historical and architectural heritage of the area and contribute to the efforts of the Trust in saving historic buildings, landmarks, and the cultural identity of the region.
  • Recognition
    Members of the Trust are recognized for their contributions to the preservation of Broward County’s history and heritage. You will have the opportunity to be recognized for your work in the community and to receive awards and accolades for your efforts in historic preservation.
  • Access to resources:
    Members of the Trust have access to a wealth of resources related to historic preservation including educational materials, workshops, seminars, and events.